like (v.) 1
please, suit
1H4 II.iv.411 [Prince Hal to Falstaff as King Henry] What manner of man, an it like your Majesty?
2H6 .V.i.72 [Iden to King, of whether he was the one who had killed Cade] I was, an't like your majesty
2H6 II.i.9 [Suffolk to King] No marvel, an it like your majesty, / My Lord Protector's hawks do tower so well
AYL V.iv.213 [Rosalind as Epilogue] as many of you as had ... complexions that liked me
Cym II.iii.53 [Messenger to Cymbeline] So like you, sir, ambassadors from Rome
H5 III.Chorus.32 [Chorus, of the French King's offer] The offer likes not
H8 I.i.100 [Norfolk to Buckingham] Like it your grace, / The state takes notice of the private difference / Betwixt you and the Cardinal
H8 IV.ii.100 [Messenger to Katherine] An't like your grace--
H8 V.iii.148 [Lord Chancellor to King Henry] may it like your grace / To let my tongue excuse all
Ham II.ii.80 [Claudius to Voltemand, of his report] It likes us well
Ham V.ii.259 [Hamlet to all, of his foil] This likes me well
KJ II.i.533 [King Philip to King John, of the proposal] It likes us well
KL I.i.200 [Lear to Burgundy, of Burgundy taking Cordelia] If aught ... may fitly like your grace
KL II.ii.88 [disguised Kent to Cornwall, of Oswald] His countenance likes me not
MM II.i.154 [Elbow to Escalus] First, an it like you, the house is a respected house
MM II.i.33 [Provost to Angelo, responding to him] Here, if it like your honour
MM V.i.74.2 [Lucio to Duke, identifying himself] That's I, an't like your grace
R3 III.iv.49 [Hastings to all, of Richard] There's some conceit or other likes him well
TC V.ii.105 [Troilus as if to Diomedes] that that likes not you / Pleases me best
Tem IV.i.239 [Trinculo to Stephano] We steal by line and level, an't like your grace [i.e. if it pleases you]
TG II.vii.52 [Julia to Lucetta, of wearing some clothes] e'en what fashion thou best likes
TG IV.ii.54 [Host to disguised Julia] The music likes you not
TS IV.iv.56 [Tranio as Lucentio to Baptista] at my lodging, an it like you. / There doth my father lie
TS IV.iv.62 [Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio, of the arrangement] It likes me well
WT IV.iv.711 [Shepherd to Autolycus, of where he is going] To th'palace, an it like your worship
WT IV.iv.724 [Shepherd to Autolycus] Are you a courtier, an't like you, sir? [riposte in 725] [and throughout the scene]
WT V.ii.151 [Autolycus to Clown, of amending his life] Ay, an it like your good worship
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