like (adj.) 1
same, similar, alike, equal
1H4 III.i.105 [Mortimer to Hotspur, of a river] mark how he bears his course, and runs me up / With like advantage on the other side
1H4 III.ii.101 [King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hotspur] For of no right, nor colour like to right, / He doth fill fields with harness in the realm
1H6 V.iv.158 [Reignier to Charles, of a contract] If once it be neglected, ten to one / We shall not find like opportunity
1H6 V.v.105 [Suffolk alone, of himself] thus he goes, / As did the youthful Paris once to Greece, / With hope to find the like event in love
2H4 V.ii.116 [King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice, of the sword of justice] you use the same / With the like bold, just, and impartial spirit As you have done 'gainst me
3H6 I.ii.75 [York to Sir John] Many a battle have I won in France ... / Why should I not now have the like success?
3H6 II.iv.10 [Clifford to Richard] here's the heart that ... cheers these hands that slew thy sire and brother / To execute the like upon thyself
3H6 III.iii.10 [Queen to Lewis] mischance hath trod my title down, / And with dishonour laid me on the ground; / Where I must take like seat unto my fortune
3H6 IV.i.71 [Lady Grey to Richard and George, of marrying Edward] And meaner than myself have had like fortune
3H6 V.iv.47 [Prince to all, of a fearful man] He should have leave to go away betimes, / Lest in our need he might infect another / And make him of like spirit to himself
AC V.ii.123 [Cleopatra to Caesar] I have / Been laden with like frailties which before / Have often shamed our sex
AW I.i.219 [Helena alone] The mightiest space in fortune nature brings / To join like likes, and kiss like native things
AW IV.ii.71 [Diana alone, of what her mother says about oaths like Bertram's] She says all men / Have the like oaths
AYL II.iv.24 [Silvius to Corin] if thy love were ever like to mine
CE I.i.128 [Egeon to Duke, of Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant] his attendant, so his case was like
CE II.i.36 [Adriana to Luciana, comparing their lives to those of wretches] But were we burdened with like weight of pain
CE II.i.40 [Adriana to Luciana] But if thou live to see like right bereft [i.e. the same marriage rights taken from you]
CE V.i.348 [Duke to all] These two Antipholus', these two so like
Cor I.i.99 [Menenius to Citizens, of the belly and other parts of the body] never bearing / Like labour with the rest
Cor III.ii.51 [Volumnia to Coriolanus, of his playing a role] how is it less or worse / That it shall hold companionship in peace / With honour as in war, since that to both / It stands in like request?
Cor V.iii.206 [Coriolanus to the ladies] you shall bear / A better witness back than words, which we, / On like conditions, will have counter-sealed
Cym IV.ii.237 [Arviragus to Guiderius, of supposedly dead Innogen as Fidele] sing him to th'ground, / As once to our mother: use like note and words
Cym V.iv.75 [First Brother to music, to Jupiter, of he and his brother's death in battle] Like hardiment Posthumus hath / to Cymbeline performed
E3 III.ii.44 [Woman to all, of various prophecies] These, I can tell ye, and such like surmises / Strike many Frenchmen cold unto the heart
E3 V.i.222 [Prince Edward to King Edward] many princes more ... / May still be famous for like victories
H5 I.i.3 [Canterbury to Ely] That self bill is urged Which in th'eleventh year of the last King's reign / Was like
H5 II.ii.183 [King Henry to all] Now, lords, for France; the enterprise whereof / Shall be to you, as us, like glorious
H5 IV.i.105 [disguised King Henry to Bates, of the King] though his affections are higher mounted than ours, yet when they stoop, they stoop with the like wing
Ham I.i.121 [Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus, of events in Denmark compared with those in Rome] the like precurse of feared events
Ham I.i.44 [Horatio to Barnardo, of the Ghost being like King Hamlet] Most like
Ham I.ii.212 [Horatio to Hamlet, of the Ghost resembling King Hamlet] These hands are not more like
Ham IV.vii.115 [Claudius to Laertes] And nothing is at a like goodness still
KJ II.i.126 [Constance to Queen Eleanor, of Arthur] Liker in feature to his father Geoffrey / Than thou and John in manners
KJ V.vii.106 [Salisbury to Prince Henry, of the Bastard's oath of loyalty] And the like tender of our love we make
KL [Oswald to disguised Edgar, of Gloucester] Hence, / Lest that th'infection of his fortune take / Like hold on thee
Luc 1113 [] True sorrow then is feelingly sufficed / When with like semblance it is sympathized
Luc 613 [Lucrece to Tarquin] With foul offenders thou perforce must bear, / When they in thee the like offences prove
MA V.iv.51 [Benedick to Claudio] a calf ... Much like to you
Mac IV.iii.8 [Macduff to Malcolm] yelled out / Like syllable of dolour
MM IV.iii.74 [Provost to disguised Duke] the visage / Of Ragozine, more like to Claudio
MM IV.v.7 [Duke to Friar Peter, of informing Flavius where he is] Give the like notice / To Valentius, Rowland, and to Crassus
MM V.i.412 [Duke to Angelo] We do condemn thee to the very block / Where Claudio stooped to death, and with like haste
MV III.iv.14 [Portia to Lorenzo] Whose souls do bear an equal yoke of love, / There must be needs a like proportion / Of lineaments
MV IV.i.193 [Portia as Balthasar to Shylock] earthly power doth then show likest God's / When mercy seasons justice
Oth I.i.76 [Iago to Roderigo, of how he should shout] with like timorous accent and dire yell, / As when, by night and negligence, the fire / Is spied in populous cities
Oth II.i.16 [Second Gentleman to Montano] I never did like molestation view / On the enchafed flood
Per II.i.129 [Pericles to Fishermen, reporting his father's words about his armour] In like necessity ... may't defend thee
R3 I.iii.200 [Queen Margaret to all, of one of the two Prince Edwards] Die in his youth by like untimely violence!
R3 III.v.48 [Lord Mayor to Richard and Buckingham, of Hastings] He deserved his death, / And your good graces both have well proceeded / To warn false traitors from the like attempts
R3 IV.i.9 [Anne to Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of York, of where they are going] No farther than the Tower, and, as I guess, / Upon the like devotion as yourselves
R3 IV.iv.304 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of her daughter's childbirth] a night of groans / Endured of her for whom you bid like sorrow
Sonn 16.8 [] your living flowers, / Much liker than your painted counterfeit
TC I.iii.168 [Ulysses to all] as near as the extremest ends / Of parallels, as like as Vulcan and his wife
TC I.iii.319 [Ulysses to Nestor, of Achilles' pride] must or now be cropped / Or, shedding, breed a nursery of like evil / To overbulk us all
TC IV.iv.8 [Cressida to Pandarus] If I could temporize with my affection ... / The like allayment could I give my grief
TC prologue.25 [Prologue] hither am I come, / A Prologue armed, but not in confidence / Of author's pen or actor's voice, but suited / In like conditions as our argument
Tem III.i.13 [Ferdinand alone, of his carrying logs] My sweet mistress / Weeps when she sees me work, and says such baseness / Had never like executor
Tem V.i.143 [Prospero to Alonso, of patience comforting him for a lost child] For the like loss, I have her sovereign aid
Tem V.i.58 [] Here enters ... Alonso with a frantic gesture, attended by Gonzalo; Sebastian and Antonio in like manner
TG I.iii.69 [Antonio to Proteus] What maintenance he from his friends receives, / Like exhibition thou shalt have from me
TG IV.i.52 [First Outlaw to Valentine, of the crimes he and his fellows have committed] for such like petty crimes as these
Tim I.i.174 [Jeweller to Timon] Things of like value, differing in the owners, / Are prized by their masters
Tim I.ii.102 [Timon to all] what a precious comfort 'tis to have so many like brothers commanding one another's fortunes!
Tim I.ii.107 [Second Lord to Timon] Joy had the like conception in our eyes
Tim [Lucius to Lucullus] In like manner was I in debt to my importunate business
TS II.i.77 [Gremio to Baptista] To express the like kindness
Ven 400 [] Who sees his true-love in her naked bed ... when his glutton eye so full hath fed, / His other agents aim at like delight?
WT I.i.2 [Archidamus to Camillo] If you shall chance ... to visit Bohemia, on the like occasion whereon my services are now on foot
WT I.ii.159 [Leontes to Hermione, of Mamillius] How like, methought, I then was to this kernel
WT II.i.85 [Leontes to Hermione] thou thing / Which I'll not call a creature of thy place, / Lest barbarism, making me the precedent, / Should a like language use to all degrees
WT II.iii.104 [Paulina to Leontes, of the baby and Leontes] good goddess Nature, which hast made it / So like to him that got it
WT II.iii.188 [Antigonus to all] Wolves and bears ... have done / Like offices of pity
WT III.iii.20 [Antigonus alone, of his dream] I never saw a vessel of like sorrow, / So filled and so becoming
WT V.iii.130 [Paulina to all] trouble / Your joys with like relation
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