lief, had as
should like just as much
1H4 IV.ii.18 [Falstaff alone, of his soldiers] such a commodity of warm slaves as had as lief hear the devil as a drum
2H4 I.ii.40 [Falstaff to Page] I had as lief they would put ratsbane in my mouth as offer to stop it with security
2H4 III.ii.218 [Bullcalf to Bardolph, of going to war] I had as lief be hanged, sir, as go
AC II.vii.13 [Second Servant to First Servant] I had as lief have a reed that will do me no service as a partisan I could not heave
AYL I.i.136 [Oliver to Charles, of Orlando] I had as lief thou didst break his neck as his finger
AYL III.ii.247 [Jaques to Orlando] I thank you for your company, but ... I had as lief have been myself alone
AYL IV.i.46 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] an you be so tardy come no more in my sight; I had as lief be wooed of a snail
Cor IV.v.181 [Third Servignman to others] I would not be a Roman, of all nations. I had as lief be a condemned man
H5 III.vii.57 [Constable to Dauphin, of the latter preferring a horse to a mistress] I had as lief have my mistress a jade
Ham III.ii.3 [Hamlet to Players, of a speech] if you mouth it as many of your players do, I had as lief the town crier spoke my lines
JC I.ii.95 [Cassius to Brutus] I had as lief not be as live to be / In awe of such a thing as I myself
MA II.iii.83 [Benedick to Don Pedro, of Balthasar] I had as lief have heard the night-raven
MM I.ii.133 [Lucio to Claudio] I had as lief have the foppery of freedom as the morality of imprisonment
MM I.ii.33 [First Gentleman to Lucio] I had as lief be a list of an English kersey as be piled, as thou art piled, for a French velvet
MW III.i.59 [Evans to Page] I had as lief you would tell me of a mess of porridge
MW IV.ii.107 [John to Robert, of a chest carrying Falstaff] I had as lief bear so much lead.
R2 V.ii.49 [Aumerle to Duchess of York, of who are the ‘violets’] God knows I had as lief be none as one
RJ II.iv.199 [Nurse to Romeo, of Juliet and Paris] she, good soul, had as lief see a toad, a very toad, as see him
TC I.ii.105 [Cressida to Pandarus] I had as lief Helen's golden tongue had commended Troilus for a copper nose
TN III.ii.30 [Sir Andrew to Fabian] I had as lief be a Brownist as a politician
TNK I.i.102 [Hippolyta to Second Queen] I had as lief trace this good action with you / As that whereto I am going
TS I.i.130 [Gremio to Hortensio, of Katherina] I had as lief take her dowry with this condition--to be whipped at the high-cross
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