lay (v.) 12
wager, stake, bet
Cym I.ii.105 [Queen to Innogen, of Pisanio's faithfulness] I dare lay mine honour / He will remain so
Cym I.v.124 [Iachimo to Posthumus] I will lay you ten thousand ducats to your ring
H5 IV.i.218 [disguised King Henry to Bates] the French may lay twenty French crowns to one they will beat us
Ham V.ii.162, 164 [Osrick to Hamlet] The King ... hath laid, sir ... He hath laid on twelve for nine
LLL I.i.295 [Berowne to himself] I'll lay my head to any goodman's hat / These oaths and laws will prove an idle scorn
TS V.ii.128 [Bianca to Lucentio, of his wager] The more fool you for laying on my duty