lineal (adj.)
lineally descended, in the direct line, hereditary
2H4 IV.v.47 [Prince Henry to himself, of the world] it shall not force / This lineal honour from me
E3 I.i.36 [Artois to King Edward] You are the lineal watchman of our peace
H5 I.ii.82 [Canterbury to King Henry, of King Lewis] Queen Isabel, his grandmother, / Was lineal of the Lady Ermengare
KJ II.i.85 [King John to King Philip, of the English arrival] Our just and lineal entrance to our own
KJ V.vii.102 [Bastard to Prince Henry] may your sweet self put on / The lineal state and glory of the land!
R2 III.iii.113 [Northumberland to King Richard, of Bolingbroke] His coming hither hath no further scope / Than for his lineal royalties