keep (v.) 2
stay within, remain inside
1H6 III.ii.69 [Talbot to all, of the French lords] Like peasant footboys do they keep the walls
3H6 I.i.207 [Warwick to all] I'll keep London with my soldiers
Cym II.iii.81 [Lady to Cloten, of Innogen] To keep her chamber
Cym III.iii.47 [Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] Did you but know ... the art o'th' court, / As hard to leave as keep
KL III.ii.45 [disguised Kent to Lear] The wrathful skies / Gallow the very wanderers of the dark / And make them keep their caves
LLL IV.iii.300 [Berowne to all, of their verses] Other slow arts entirely keep the brain
TC I.iii.190 [Nestor to all, of Ajax and Achilles] keeps his tent like him
TC II.iii.256 [Ulysses to all] the hart Achilles / Keeps thicket [i.e. stays hidden]
TC V.i.10 [Patroclus to Thersites] Who keeps the tent now?
Tem I.i.14 [Boatswain to all] Keep your cabins!
Tim III.iii.42 [Servant alone] Who cannot keep his wealth must keep his house
Tim III.iv.73 [Servilius to Servants, of Timon] He's much out of health and keeps his chamber
Tit V.ii.5 [disguised Tamora to Chiron and Demetrius, of Titus' study] where they say he keeps / To ruminate strange plots of dire revenge