kind (adj.) 1
showing natural feeling, acting by nature
2H6 I.i.18 [King to Queen] I can express no kinder sign of love / Than this kind kiss [first instance]
H5 II.Chorus.19 [Chorus as if to England] Were all thy children kind and natural [also: sense 2]
Ham IV.v.148 [Laertes to Claudius, of Polonius' friends] like the kind life-rendering pelican / Repast them with my blood
Luc 1423 [of a painting of Troy] much imaginary work was there; / Conceit deceitful, so compact, so kind
MA I.i.25 [Leonato to Messenger] A kind overflow of kindness
MV I.iii.139 [Shylock to Antonio] This is kind I offer [also: sense 5]
Sonn 143.12 []And play the mother's part, kiss me, be kind