judgement (n.) 1
opinion, estimation, assessment
AW I.ii.61 [King to Bertram] younger spirits ... whose judgements are / Mere fathers of their garments [i.e. their best opinions are about their clothes]
Ham III.ii.96 [Hamlet to Horatio] we will both our judgements join
KL I.i.151 [Kent to Lear] Answer my life my judgement [i.e. I stake my life on my opinion]
KL I.iv.57 [Third Knight to Lear] to my judgement your highness is not entertained ... as you were wont
R3 III.iv.43 [Derby to all, of the coronation] Tomorrow, in my judgement, is too sudden
Sonn 131.12 [] Thy black is fairest in my judgement's place
TG IV.iv.148 [disguised Julia to Silvia, of Julia] She, in my judgement, was as fair as you