just (adv.) 1
exactly, precisely
2H6 I.iv.60 [York to all, of the letter written of the Spirit's prophecies] Why, this is just / Aio te, Aeacida, Romanos vincere posse
AW IV.ii.69 [Diana alone, of Bertram] My mother told me just how he would woo
CE IV.i.7 [Angelo to Second Merchant] Even just the sum that I do owe to you
Mac III.iii.4 [Second Murderer to Third Murderer, of Macbeth] he delivers / Our offices and what we have to do / To the direction just
MW I.i.46 [Evans to Shallow, of Anne] It is that fery person for all the 'orld, as just as you will desire
RJ III.iii.86 [Nurse to Friar, of Romeo] he is even in my mistress' case, / Just in her case
TC I.iii.164 [Ulysses to all, of Achilles reacting to Patroclus' impersonation of Nestor] 'Tis Agamemnon just