joy (v.) 1
feel joy, be happy, rejoice
1H4 II.i.12 [First Carrier to Second Carrier, of Robin Ostler] Poor fellow never joyed since the price of oats rose
3H6 II.i.77 [Edward to Richard, of York] never henceforth shall I joy again
3H6 II.i.9 [Richard to Edward, of York] I cannot joy, until I be resolved / Where our right valiant father is become
AC [Enobarbus alone] I will joy no more
Cym V.v.425 [Arviragus to Posthumus] As you did mean indeed to be our brother; / Joyed are we that you are
KJ III.iv.107 [Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph] There's nothing in this world can make me joy
Per I.i.119 [Antiochus to Pericles] This mercy shows we'll joy in such a son
R3 IV.iv.93 [Queen Margaret to Queen Elizabeth] Wherein dost thou joy?
RJ II.ii.116 [Juliet to Romeo] I joy in thee
Sonn 45.13 [of his theme] This told, I joy