jump (v.) 1
agree, coincide, tally
1H4 I.ii.68 [Falstaff to Prince Hal, on being a hangman] in some sort it jumps with my humour
MV II.ix.32 [Arragon to himself] I will not jump with common spirits
Oth I.iii.5 [Second Senator to Duke, of the reports] though they jump not on a just accompt ... yet do they all confirm / A Turkish fleet
R3 III.i.11 [Richard to Prince Edward, of a man's outward show] which ... / Seldom or never jumpeth with the heart
TN V.i.249 [Viola as Cesario to Sebastian] Do not embrace me, till each circumstance ... do cohere and jump / That I am Viola
TS I.i.187 [Tranio to Lucentio] Both our inventions meet and jump in one