head (n.) 2
power, strength, scope
2H4 I.iii.17 [Lord Bardolph to Hastings] Whether our present five-and-twenty thousand / May hold up head without Northumberland
2H4 III.i.72 [King Henry IV to Warwick and Surrey, quoting King Richard] The time will come that foul sin, gathering head, / Shall break into corruption
3H6 I.i.233 [Queen to King] Thou hast ... given unto the house of York such head / As thou shalt reign but by their sufferance
KJ II.i.579 [Bastard alone, of the world] This sway of motion, this commodity, / Makes it take head from all indifferency [i.e. rebel against all impartiality]
TS I.ii.246 [Lucentio as Cambio to Gremio, of Tranio as Lucentio] give him head [i.e. let him have his head]