bootless (adj.)
useless, worthless, fruitless, unavailing
1H4 I.i.29 [King Henry to all] bootless 'tis to tell you we will go
3H6 I.iv.20 [York alone] I have seen a swan / With bootless labour swim against the tide
3H6 II.iii.12 [Edward to George, of their enemies] Bootless is flight; they follow us with wings
3H6 [Clifford alone] Bootless are plaints
3H6 [Edward to dead Clifford] repent in bootless penitence
E3 V.i.10 [King Edward to Calais Citizens] Mine ears are stopped against your bootless cries
H8 II.iv.61 [Wolsey to Queen Katherine] It shall be therefore bootless / That longer you desire the court
KL V.iii.292 [Edgar to Albany, of talking to Lear] Very bootless
LLL V.ii.64 [Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne] I would make him ... spend his prodigal wits in bootless rhymes
MND II.i.233 [Helena to Demetrius] the mild hind / Makes speed to catch the tiger - bootless speed, / When cowardice pursues, and valour flies
MV III.iii.20 [Antonio to Solanio, of Shylock] I'll follow him no more with bootless prayers
Oth I.iii.207 [Duke to Brabantio] He robs himself that spends a bootless grief
Per V.i.30 [Helicanus to Lysimachus] bootless is your sight
R3 III.iv.102 [Lovel to Hastings] 'Tis bootless to exclaim
Sonn 29.3 [] I ... trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
Tem I.ii.35 [Miranda to Prospero] You have often ... left me to a bootless inquisition
Tit III.i.36 [Titus to Lucius, of the Tribunes] yet plead I must, / And bootless unto them
TNK I.i.153 [First Queen to Theseus] bootless toil must recompense itself / With its own sweat
Ven 422 [Adonis to Venus] leave this idle theme, this bootless chat