blow (v.) 1
blossom, bloom, flower
E3 IV.iv.138 [Audley to Prince Edward] First bud we, then we blow, and after seed
LLL V.ii.293 [Boyet to Ladies, of the King and his friends] when they repair, / Blow like sweet roses in this summer air
MND II.i.249 [Oberon to Puck] I know a bank where the wild thyme blows
TG I.i.46 [Valentine to Proteus] the most forward bud / Is eaten by the canker ere it blow
TNK I.i.11 [Boy singing] Marigolds, on death-beds blowing
TNK II.i.193 [Emilia to Woman, of a rose = maid] How modestly she blows
TNK II.i.198 [Woman to Emilia, of a rose = maid] Sometimes her modesty will blow so far / She falls for't