brave (n.)
boast, bravado, blustering threat
1H6 III.ii.123 [Talbot to Burgundy] Now where's the Bastard's braves and Charles his gleeks?
E3 I.i.115 [Lorraine to King Edward] It is not ... any English brave, / Afflicts me so
KJ V.ii.159 [Lewis the Dauphin to Bastard, of the Bastard's speech] There end thy brave, and turn thy face in peace
TC IV.iv.136 [Troilus to Diomedes] This brave shall oft make thee to hide thy head
Tit II.i.30 [Chiron to Demetrius] thou dost ... bear me down with braves
TS III.i.15 [Hortensio as Licio to Lucentio as Cambio] I will not bear these braves of thine