hapless (adj.)
luckless, unfortunate, unlucky
1H6 III.i.203 [Exeter alone, of the disaster he foresees] Exeter doth wish / His days may finish ere that hapless time
2H6 I.i.224 [York alone, of pirates' plunder] the silly owner of the goods ... wrings his hapless hands
3H6 I.iv.156 [York to Queen] See ... a hapless father's tears
3H6 V.vi.15 [King to Richard, of himself and his son] the hapless male to one sweet bird
CE I.i.141 [Duke to Egeon] Hapless Egeon
E3 III.iv.12 [King John to all] O hapless fortune!
E3 IV.iii.71 [Charles reading a prophecy] that shall be the hapless dreadful day
Luc 1045 [Lucrece to herself] I ... seek in vain / Some happy mean to end a hapless life
TG I.i.32 [Valentine to Proteus, of love] If haply won, perhaps a hapless gain