horse (n.)
cavalry, horse soldiers
1H4 IV.iii.19 [Vernon to all] Certain horse / Of my cousin Vernon's are not yet come up
1H4 IV.iii.21 [Vernon to Hotspur] Your uncle Worcester's horse came but today
1H6 IV.iv.33 [Somerset to Lucy, of York] he might have sent and had the horse [i.e. he had the cavalry and might have sent them]
2H4 II.i.172 [Gower to Lord Chief Justice, of the King's army] fifteen hundred foot, five hundred horse / Are marched up to my lord of Lancaster
AC III.i.33 [Ventidius to Silius] The ne'er-yet-beaten horse of Parthia
E3 II.ii.30 [Audley to King Edward] I have ... levied those horse and foot / According as your charge
E3 V.i.136 [Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] Here stood a battle of ten thousand horse
JC IV.ii.29 [Lucilius to Brutus, of Cassius' army] The greater part, the horse in general, / Are come with Cassius
R3 V.iii.295 [King Richard to Norfolk] My foreward shall be drawn out all in length, / Consisting equally of horse and foot
Tim I.i.245 [Messenger to Timon] 'Tis Alcibiades, and some twenty horse