breeding (n.) 1
raising, upbringing
AW II.iii.113 [Bertram to King, of Helena] She had her breeding at my father's charge
AYL III.ii.28 [Corin to Touchstone] he that hath learned no wit by nature nor art may complain of good breeding
H8 IV.ii.134 [Katherine to Capuchius, of the King and their daughter] Beseeching him to give her virtuous breeding
Ham V.i.90 [Hamlet to Horatio] Did these bones cost no more the breeding but to play at loggats with them? [i.e. cost so little to raise]
KL I.i.8 [Gloucester to Kent, of Edmund] His breeding, sir, hath been at my charge [also: sense 3]
WT IV.iv.577 [Florizel to Camillo, of Perdita] She is as forward of her breeding as / She is i'th' rear' our birth [i.e. as she is below me in birth]