gentle (adj.) 4
peaceful, calm, free from violence
1H4 I.iii.97 [Hotspur to King Henry] on the gentle Severn's sedgy bank
2H4 III.i.6 [King Henry IV alone] O gentle sleep, / Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee
2H6 III.ii.392 [Suffolk to Queen] Here could I breathe my soul into the air, / As mild and gentle as the cradle-babe
AC V.i.75 [Caesar to all] How calm and gentle I proceeded still / In all my writings
H5 II.chorus.39 [Chorus to audience] charming the narrow seas / To give you gentle pass
H5 III.vii.50 [Dauphin to Constable, of the latter's horse and mistress] O, then belike she was old and gentle
H8 V.i.71 [Suffolk to King Henry, of the Queen] God safely quit her of her burden, and / With gentle travail, to the gladding of / Your highness with an heir!
H8 V.iii.22 [Gardiner to all] for those that tame wild horses / Pace 'em not in their hands to make 'em gentle
KJ III.i.251 [King Philip to Cardinal Pandulph] impose / Some gentle order
KJ V.ii.158 [Bastard to all, of English ladies] change ... their gentle hearts / To fierce and bloody inclination
KJ V.ii.28 [Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin, of attacking England] [we] march / Upon her gentle bosom
MA V.iii.25 [Don Pedro to all] the gentle day ... / Dapples the drowsy east with spots of grey
MND III.ii.287 [Helena to Hermia] What, will you tear / Impatient answers from my gentle tongue?
MND IV.i.142 [Theseus to Demetrius and Lysander] How comes this gentle concord in the world
MV I.i.32 [Salerio to Antonio] dangerous rocks ... touching but my gentle vessel's side
Oth IV.iii.10 [Emilia to Desdemona, of Othello] How goes it now? He looks gentler than he did [or: sense 6]
Per III.i.29 [Pericles to th ebaby] Quiet and gentle thy conditions!
Per III.iii.37 [Cleon to Pericles] Then give you up to the masked Neptune, and / The gentlest winds of heaven
R2 I.iii.133 [King Richard to Mowbray and Bolingbroke] the sweet infant-breath of gentle sleep
R2 III.ii.12 [King Richard to Aumerle, as if to the earth] Feed not thy sovereign's foe, my gentle earth
R3 IV.iv.161 [Duchess of York to King Richard] I will be mild and gentle in my words [or: sense 2]
RJ III.i.156 [Benvolio to Prince, of Romeo] With gentle breath, calm look
Sonn 48.11 [] Within the gentle closure of my breast [or: loving]
TC I.iii.39 [Nestor to all] let the ruffian Boreas once enrage / The gentle Thetis
TC IV.i.12 [Aeneas to Diomedes] During all question of the gentle truce
Tem I.ii.469 [Miranda to Prospero, of Ferdinand] He's gentle, and not fearful
TG V.iv.55 [Proteus to Silvia] the gentle spirit of moving words
Ven 883 [Venus, of the hunt] she knows it is no gentle chase