get (v.) 1
beget, conceive, breed
2H4 IV.iii.93 [Falstaff alone, of boys like Prince John] when they marry they get wenches
3H6 II.ii.133 [Richard to Prince, of the Queen] Whoever got thee, there thy mother stands
AW I.i.127 [Parolles to Helena] there was never virgin got till virginity was first lost
AW I.i.45 [Lafew to Countess, of Helena] Your commendations ... get from her tears
Cor I.iii.34 [Volumnia to Virgilia, imagining Martius shouting to the Volscians] You were got in fear
H8 II.iii.44 [Old Lady to Anne, of being a queen] If your back / Cannot vouchsafe this burden, 'tis too weak / Ever to get a boy
KJ I.i.108 [Robert Faulconbridge to King John, of the Bastard] When this same lusty gentleman was got
KJ I.i.237 [Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge] Sir Robert could do well - marry, to confess - / Could he get me!
KJ I.i.259 [Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge, of King Richard] were I to get again ... I would not wish a better father
KJ I.i.272 [Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge, of his parentage] Who lives and dares but say thou didst not well / When I was got, I'll send his soul to hell
KL I.ii.15 [Edmund alone] a whole tribe of fops / Got 'tween asleep and wake
KL II.i.77 [Gloucester to Edmund, of Edgar] I never got him
KL III.iv.139 [Gloucester to Lear] Our flesh and blood ... is grown so vile / That it doth hate what gets it
KL V.iii.170 [Edgar to Edmund, of their father] The dark and vicious place where thee he got / Cost him his eyes
Luc 549 [of a black cloud] some gentle gust doth get, / Which blow these pitchy vapours from their biding
Mac I.iii.66 [Third Witch to Banquo] Thou shalt get kings, thou thou be none
MV III.v.10 [Launcelot to Jessica] you may partly hope that your father got you not
MW I.iii.20 [Nym to Falstaff, of Bardolph] He was gotten in drink
Oth I.iii.189 [Brabantio to Duke] I had rather to adopt a child than get it
Per II.ii.6 [Simonides to First Lord, of Thaisa] whom Nature gat / For men to ... wonder at
Sonn 7.14 [] So thou ... / Unlooked on diest unless thou get a son
TC II.iii.238 [Ulysses to Ajax] Praise him that got thee
TC III.ii.102 [Pandarus to Cressida, of Troilus] If my lord get a boy of you, you'll give him me
Tem I.ii.319 [Prospero to Caliban] Thou poisonous slave, got by the devil himself
Tit IV.ii.89 [Aaron to all, of his baby] by the burning tapers of the sky / That shone so brightly when this boy was got
TNK II.iv.24 [Hippolyta to all, of Arcite] He's well got, sure [i.e. of noble birth]
TNK II.v.38 [Gaoler's Daughter alone, as if to her father] Get many more ... such daughters [also punned in the first part of the line = obtain]
TS II.i.403 [Tranio as Lucentio alone] Fathers commonly / Do get their children
WT II.iii.104 [Paulina as if to Nature, of Perdita] thou ... which hast made it / So like to him that got it
WT III.iii.73 [Shepherd to himself, of Perdita and her imagined parents] They were warmer that got this than the poor thing is here