grandsire (n.) 1
MV I.i.84 [Gratiano to Antonio] Why should a man whose blood is warm within / Sit, like his grandsire cut in alabaster
MW I.i.54 [Shallow to Evans, of Anne] Did her grandsire leave her seven hundred pound?
RJ II.iv.31 [Mercutio to Benvolio] is not this a lamentable thing, grandsire [ironic use]
TC I.iii.292 [Nestor to Aeneas, of himself] one that was a man / When Hector's grandsire sucked
TC IV.v.196 [Nestor to Hector] I knew thy grandsire, / And once fought with him
Tit III.ii.49 [Marcus to Titus, of Young Lucius] the tender boy in passion moved / Doth weep to see his grandsire's heaviness
Tit IV.i.1 [Young Lucius to Titus] Help, grandsire, help!
Tit V.iii.160 [Lucius to Young Lucius] Thy grandsire loved thee well
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