grossly (adv.) 1
openly, blatantly, brazenly
AC III.x.28 [Canidius to all, of Antony] he has given example for our flight / Most grossly by his own
CE II.ii.178 [Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] How ill agrees it with your gravity / To counterfeit thus grossly with your slave
H5 II.ii.107 [King Henry to all] Treason and murder ever kept together ... / Working so grossly in a natural cause
KJ IV.ii.94 [Salisbury to King John, of Arthur's death] 'tis shame / That greatness should so grossly offer it
KL I.i.291 [Gonereill to Regan, of Lear and Cordelia] with what poor judgement he hath now cast her off appears too grossly [F; Q grosse]
MW II.ii.138 [Falstaff alone, of using his body] Let them say 'tis grossly done - so it be fairly done, no matter [also: clumsily; by a fat man]
Oth III.iii.392 [Iago to Othello] Would you, the supervisor, grossly gape on?