grandam (n.)
KJ I.i.168 [Queen Eleanor to Bastard] I am thy grandam
KJ II.i.133 [Constance to Arthur, of Queen Eleanor] There's a good grandam, boy, that would blot thee
KJ II.i.159 [Queen Eleanor to Arthur] Come to thy grandam
KJ II.i.194 [Constance to Queen Eleanor, of the will] a cankered grandam's will!
KJ III.iii.3 [King John to Arthur, of Queen Eleanor] Thy grandam loves thee
LLL V.ii.17 [Katharine to Rosaline, of Katharine's sister] She might ha' been a grandam ere she died
Mac III.iv.65 [Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] A woman's story at a winter's fire, / Authorized by her grandam
MV II.ii.184 [Gratiano to Bassanio, of his future behaviour] Like one well studied in a sad ostent / To please his grandam
R3 IV.iv.299 [King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] A grandam's name is little less in love / Than is the doting title of a mother
TC I.iii.299 [Nestor to Aeneas, of Hector] my lady / Was fairer than his grandam
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