goodman (adj.) 1
title for a person under the rank of gentleman, yeoman
KL II.ii.42 [disguised Kent to Edmund] With you, goodman boy, and you please! [i.e. I'll take you on, young whipper-snapper]
KL IV.i.57 [Edgar as Poor Tom to Gloucester] Bless thee, good man's son [Q; F goodman]
LLL I.i.295 [Berowne to himself] I'll lay my head to any goodman's hat / These oaths and laws will prove an idle scorn
LLL IV.ii.36 [Holofernes to Dull, answering his question] Dictynna, goodman Dull
LLL V.i.142 [Holofernes to Dull] Via, goodman Dull!
MW III.ii.23 [Mistress Page to Ford, of Falstaff] There is such a league between my good man and he
RJ I.v.77 [Capulet to Tybalt] What, goodman boy!
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