gripe (v.)
clutch, grasp, seize
1H4 V.i.57 [Worcester to King Henry] You took occasion ... / To gripe the general sway into your hand
3H6 I.iv.171 [Northumberland to all, of York] see how inly sorrow gripes his soul
H8 II.ii.134 [Wolsey to Campeius] We live not to be griped by meaner persons
KJ IV.ii.190 [Hubert to King John, of the people] he that speaks doth gripe the hearer's wrist
MW I.iii.80 [Pistol as if to Falstaff] Let vultures gripe thy guts!
Per I.i.50 [Pericles to Antiochus] sick men ... / Gripe not at earthly joys
R2 II.i.189 [York to King Richard] Seek you to seize and gripe into your hands / The royalties and rights of banished Hereford?
R2 III.iii.81 [King Richard to his opponents] no hand ... / Can gripe the sacred handle of our sceptre / Unless he do profane, steal, or usurp