generation (n.) 1
family, progeny
2H4 IV.ii.49 [Hastings to Prince John] heir from heir shall hold this quarrel up / Whiles England shall have generation
KL I.i.117 [Lear to Cordelia] he that makes his generation messes / To gorge his appetite [i.e. who eats his children]
R2 V.v.8 [Richard alone, of his brain and soul] these two beget / A generation of still-breeding thoughts
Tem III.iii.34 [Gonzalo to all, of the island people] Their manners are more gentle, kind, than of / Our human generation you shall find / Many
WT II.i.148 [Antigonus to Leontes, of Antigonus' daughters] Fourteen they shall not see / To bring false generations