gratify (v.) 1
reward, repay, show gratitude for
Cor II.ii.38 [Menenius to all, of Coriolanus] it remains ... / To gratify his noble service that / Hath thus stood for his country
Cym II.iv.7 [Posthumus to Philario, of better times ahead] in these feared hopes, / I barely gratify your love
MV IV.i.403 [Duke to Antonio, of Portia as Balthasar] gratify this gentleman
Oth V.ii.212 [Othello to Gratiano, of Desdemona and Cassio] she did gratify his amorous works
Per I.iv.101 [Cleon to Pericles, of Pericles' request] The which when any shall not gratify ... / The curse of heaven and men succeed their evils!
TS I.ii.270 [Hortensio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio] You must, as we do, gratify this gentleman