gaud (n.)
gaudy toy, showy plaything, trinket
KJ III.iii.36 [King John to Hubert] the proud day ... / Is all too wanton and too full of gauds / To give me audience
MND I.i.33 [Egeus to Lysander, of Hermia] With bracelets of thy hair, rings, gauds, conceits ... hast thou filched my daughter's heart
MND IV.i.166 [Demetrius to Theseus] my love to Hermia ... seems to me now / As the remembrance of an idle gaud / Which in my childhood I did dote upon
TC III.iii.176 [Ulysses to Achilles] all, with one consent, praise new-born gauds
TNK IV.ii.53 [Emilia alone] having two fair gauds of equal sweetness
TS II.i.3 [Bianca to Katherina, of things that offend Katherina] for these other gauds ... I'll pull them off myself [F goods]