gently (adv.) 1
like a gentleman, honourably, with dignity
3H6 [Edward to Richard, of someone groaning] If friend or foe, let him be gently used
JC IV.ii.31 [Lucilius to his army, of Cassius] March gently on to meet him [or: slowly]
R2 I.i.79 [Mowbray to Bolingbroke] by that sword ... / Which gently laid my knighthood on my shoulder [or: with a light touch]
TNK III.i.36 [Palamon to Arcite] O thou most perfidious / That ever gently looked [i.e. seemed noble]
WT IV.iv.791 [Autolycus to Clown and Shepherd, of Polixenes] Being something gently considered, I'll bring you to where he is aboard [i.e. being regarded as something of a gentleman] [or: being rather well bribed]