gloss (n.) 1
deceptive appearance, plausibility
1H6 IV.i.103 [Vernon to King, of Basset] he seem with forged quaint conceit / To set a gloss upon his bold intent
2H6 I.i.161 [Cardinal to all, of the peoples' reaction to Gloucester] for all this flattering gloss, / He will be found a dangerous Protector
E3 I.i.78 [King Edward to Lorraine, of the King of France] the vizard ... / That set a gloss upon his arrogance [Q2; Q1: glasse]
H8 V.iii.71 [Gardiner to Cranmer] Your painted gloss discovers, / To men that understand you, words and weakness
Mac I.vii.34 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] Golden opinions ... / Which would be worn now in their newest gloss, / Not cast aside so soon
Tim I.ii.15 [Timon to all] Ceremony was but devised at first / To set a gloss on faint deeds