gross (adj.) 7
coarse, vulgar, unrefined
2H4 IV.iv.73 [Warwick to King Henry IV, of Prince Henry] like gross terms, / The Prince will, in the perfectness of time, / Cast off his followers
H5 II.ii.132 [King Henry to Scroop, of other men] are they ... / Free from gross passion or of mirth or anger [or: sense 8]
Ham IV.vii.170 [Gertrude to Claudius and Laertes] long purples, / That liberal shepherds give a grosser name
LLL I.i.29 [Dumaine to King, of himself] The grosser manner of these world's delights / He throws upon the gross world's baser slaves
MW III.iii.38 [Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] We'll use ... this gross watery pumpion [or: sense 2]
Oth IV.iii.60 [Desdemona to Emilia] Dost thou in conscience think ... / That there be women do abuse their husbands / In such gross kind? [or: sense 1, 8]