gage (n.)
pledge, challenge [usually, a glove or gauntlet thrown down]
E3 I.i.119 [King Edward to all] Our gage is thrown, and war is soon begun
H5 IV.i.203 [King Henry to Williams] Give me any gage of thine, and I will wear / it in my bonnet
H5 IV.vii.119 [Williams to King Henry] 'tis the gage of one that I should fight withal, if he be alive
R2 I.i.146 [Mowbray to all] And interchangeably hurl down my gage
R2 I.i.161 [John of Gaunt to Bolingbroke] Throw down, my son, the Duke of Norfolk's gage
R2 I.i.174 [King Richard to Mowbray, of Bolingbroke] Give me his gage
R2 I.i.175 [Mowbray to King Richard] Take but my shame / And I resign my gage
R2 I.i.186 [King Richard to Bolingbroke] Cousin, throw up your gage
R2 I.i.69 [Bolingbroke to Mowbray] Pale, trembling coward, there I throw my gage
R2 IV.i.105 [Bolingbroke to all] Your differences shall all rest under gage / Till we assign you to your days of trial
R2 IV.i.25 [Aumerle to Bagot] There is my gage, the manual seal of death
R2 IV.i.34 [Fitzwater to Aumerle] There is my gage, Aumerle, in gage to thine
R2 IV.i.46 [Percy to Aumerle] there I throw my gage
R2 IV.i.83 [Aumerle to all] Some honest Christian trust me with a gage
R2 IV.i.86 [Bolingbroke to all] These differences shall all rest under gage / Till Norfolk be repealed
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