respect (n.) 4
esteem, status, honour
AW V.iii.192 [Diana to King] behold this ring / Whose high respect and rich validity / Did lack a parallel
JC V.v.77 [Octavius to all, of Brutus] let us use him, / With all respect and rites of burial
KJ V.vii.85 [Salisbury to Bastard, of the Dauphin] Cardinal Pandulph ... brings from him such offers of our peace / As we with honour and respect may take
KL I.i.248 [Cordelia to and of Burgundy] Since that respect and fortunes are his love, / I shall not be his wife
Mac [Lord to Lennox, of Malcolm] the malevolence of fortune nothing / Takes from his high respect
MW III.i.54 [Shallow to Evans, of Caius] I never heard a man ... so wide of his own respect [i.e. who has so forgotten his reputation]