rive (v.) 1
split, rend, cleave
AC IV.xiii.5 [Charmian to Cleopatra] The soul and body rive not more in parting / Than greatness going off
Cor V.iii.153 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] to charge thy sulphur with a bolt / That should but rive an oak
JC I.iii.6 [Casca to Cicero] the scolding winds / Have rived the knotty oaks
JC IV.iii.84 [Cassius to Brutus] Brutus hath rived my heart
TC I.i.37 [Troilus to Pandarus] my heart, / As wedged with a sigh, would rive in twain
TC I.iii.316 [Ulysses to Nestor] Blunt wedges rive hard knots