road (n.) 1
harbour, anchorage, roadstead
2H4 II.ii.160 [Prince Henry to Poins] This Doll Tearsheet should be some road [i.e. whore]
CE III.ii.155 [Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] Post to the road
MV I.i.19 [Solanio to Antonio] Peering in maps for ports and piers and roads
MV V.i.288 [Antonio to Portia] my ships / Are safely come to road
TG I.i.53 [Valentine to Proteus] My father at the road / Expects my coming
TG II.iv.185 [Proteus to Valentine] I must unto the road to disembark / Some necessaries
TS II.i.368 [Gremio to Baptista and Tranio as Lucentio, of his possessions] an argosy / That now is lying in Marseilles road