rude (adj.) 6
ignorant, unlearned, uneducated
1H6 IV.i.98 [Basset to King, of Vernon's view] In confutation of which rude reproach
H5 I.i.55 [Canterbury to Ely, of King Henry] his addiction was to courses vain, / His companies unlettered, rude, and shallow
LLL V.i.84 [Armado to Holofernes] in the posteriors of this day, which the rude multitude call the afternoon
MND III.ii.9 [Puck to Oberon, of the rustics] A crew of patches, rude mechanicals ... / Were met together [or: rough]
R2 III.iv.74 [Queen Isabel to Gardener] How dares thy harsh rude tongue sound this unpleasing news?