rascal (n.) 1
worthless wretch, good-for-nothing
1H6 I.ii.35 [Alen??on to all, of the English] Lean raw-boned rascals
1H6 IV.ii.49 [Talbot to all] If we be English deer, be then in blood; / Not rascal-like to fall down with a pinch [also: sense 2]
2H4 II.iv.124 [Doll to Pistol] Away, you cutpurse rascal
2H4 II.iv.184 [Doll to all, of Pistol] I cannot endure such a fustian rascal
2H4 V.iv.30 [Doll to First Beadle] come, you rascal! [also: sense 2]
Cor I.i.157 [Menenius to First Citizen] Thou rascal, that art worst in blood to run, / Lead'st first to win some vantage [also sense 2]