rest (v.) 2
remain [to be done], be left
1H6 I.iii.70 [Mayor to all] Naught rests for me in this tumultous strife / But to make open proclamation
1H6 II.i.75 [Pucelle to all] now there rests no other shift but this
3H6 I.ii.44 [York to all] While you are thus employed, what resteth more / But that I seek occasion how to rise
3H6 III.ii.45 [Lady Grey to Edward] What you command, that rests in me to do
3H6 IV.ii.13 [Warwick to George, of Edward] what rests but ... / We may surprise and take him at our pleasure?
3H6 V.vii.42 [Edward to all] now what rests but that we spend the time / With stately triumphs
E3 III.i.185 [King John to all] Then rests there nothing but with present speed / To join our several forces
TS I.i.243 [Lucentio to Tranio] One thing more rests