ravish (v.) 1
entrance, enrapture, carry away with joy
1H6 V.v.15 [Suffolk to King, of Margaret's perfections] Would make a volume of enticing lines / Able to ravish any dull conceit
2H6 I.i.32 [King to all, of the Queen] Her sight did ravish
E3 II.i.79 [King Edward to Lodowick] the strains of poets' wit / Beguile and ravish soft and human minds
LLL I.i.165 [King to all, of Armado] who the music of his own vain tongue / Doth ravish like enchanting harmony
MA II.iii.56 [Benedick to himself, of Don Pedro] Now is his soul ravished!
Per III.Chorus.35 [Gower alone, of the news that Pericles is a king] this ... / Y-ravished the regions round
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