rude (adj.) 7
amateurish, inexpert, lacking polish
2H6 I.i.30 [Queen to King, of her speech] ruder terms, such as my wit affords
Oth I.iii.81 [Othello to all] Rude am I in my speech
RJ I.v.51 [Romeo to himself, of Juliet] Touching hers, make blessed my rude hand [or: unrefined]
Sonn 32.4 [of this sonnet] These poor rude lines of thy deceased lover
TC III.i.55 [Pandarus to Helen, of his musical ability] Rude, in sooth
TC III.ii.23 [Troilus alone, of the effect of being with Cressida] too sharp in sweetness, / For the capacity of my ruder powers
TNK III.v.121 [Schoolmaster to Theseus] I first appear, though rude, and raw, and muddy