raze, raze out
erase, obliterate, wipe out
2H4 V.ii.127 [King Henry V to his brothers, of King Henry IV] with his spirits sadly I survive ... to raze out / Rotten opinion
2H6 I.i.99 [Gloucester to all, of the contract between the King and Queen] Razing the characters of your renown
Cym V.v.70 [Cymbeline to Lucius, of the tribute] that / The Britons have razed out
Mac V.iii.42 [Macbeth to Doctor] Raze out the written troubles of the brain
MM I.ii.11 [Lucio to Second Gentleman, of a pirate removing 'Thou shalt not steal' from the Ten Commandments] that he razed
MM II.ii.171 [Angelo alone] Shall we desire to raze the sanctuary
Per I.i.18 [Pericles to all, of Antiochus' daughter's face] from thence / Sorrow were ever razed
Tit I.i.454 [Tamora aside to Saturninus, of the Andronici] I'll ... raze their faction and their family
TNK I.i.33 [Third Queen to Emilia] this good deed / Shall raze you out o'th' book of trespasses / All you are set down there [i.e. erase for you]
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