requite (v.), past forms requit, requited 1
reward, repay, recompense
2H6 I.ii.23 [Duchess to Gloucester, of his dream] I'll requite it / With sweet rehearsal of my morning's dream
3H6 IV.v.23 [Edward to Stanley] I will requite thy forwardness
3H6 [King to Lieutenant] I'll well requite thy kindness
3H6 IV.vii.77 [Edward to all] I'll requite this kindness
AW III.v.98 [Helena to Widow, of Diana] to requite you further, / I will bestow some precepts of this virgin
AYL I.i.129 [Oliver to Charles] thy love to me ... I will most kindly requite;
Cor IV.ii.12 [Volumnia to Brutus and Sicinius] Th'hoarded plague o'th' gods / Requite your love!
Cor IV.v.73 [Coriolanus to Aufidius, of his name] the drops of blood / Shed for my thankless country, are requited / But with that surname
H5 [Pistol to Fluellen] I will thee requite
H8 III.ii.168 [Wolsey to King Henry] your royal graces ... have been more than could / My studied purposes requite
Ham I.ii.251 [Hamlet to Horatio and sentinels] I will requite your loves
MA II.iii.219 [Benedick alone, of Beatrice's love] it must be requited
MA III.i.111 [Beatrice alone, of Benedick] I will requite thee
Mac II.iii.36 [Porter to Macduff, of drink] I requited him for his lie
MV I.ii.61 [Portia to Nerissa, of the French lord] if he love me to madness, I shall never requite him
Per III.ii.73 [Cerimon reading Pericles' scroll, of whoever buries Thaisa] The gods requite his charity
R3 I.iv.68 [Clarence to Keeper] I have done these things ... / For Edward's sake, and see how he requits me!
TC V.x.38 [Pandarus alone] traitors and bawds, how earnestly are you set a-work, and how ill requited!
Tem III.iii.72 [Ariel to Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio, of Prospero] Exposed unto the sea, which hath requit it
Tem V.i.169 [Prospero to Alonso] I will requite you
TG III.i.23 [Duke to Proteus] thine honest care, / Which to requite, command me while I live
Tim III.iii.20 [Sempronius to Servant, of Timon] does he think so backwardly of me now / That I'll requite it last?
Tim IV.iii.525 [Flavius to Timon] that you had power and wealth / To requite me by making rich yourself
Tim V.i.71 [Timon to Poet and Painter, of their proposed service to him] how shall I requite you?
Tit I.i.240 [Saturninus to Titus] I ... will with deeds requite thy gentleness
Tit V.i.12 [First Goth to Lucius, of Titus] Whose high exploits and honourable deeds / Ingrateful Rome requites with foul contempt
TN IV.ii.119 [Malvolio to Feste] I'll requite it in the highest degree
TNK V.iv.36 [Gaoler to Palamon and the Knights] The gods requite you all