shrewd (adj.) 4
shrewish, bad-tempered, difficult
MND III.ii.323 [Helena to Demetrius and Lysander, of Hermia] when she is angry she is keen and shrewd
TS I.i.177 [Tranio to Lucentio, of Bianca] Her elder sister is so curst and shrewd
TS I.ii.59 [Hortensio to Petruchio] shall I ... wish thee to a shrewd ill-favoured wife?
TS I.ii.69 [Petruchio to Hortensio, of wishing to marry a rich wife] Be she ... as curst and shrewd / As Socrates' Xanthippe
TS I.ii.89 [Hortensio to Petruchio, of Katherina] she is ... shrewd and froward