sudden, of / on / upon a / the 1
2H4 IV.ii.80 [Mowbray to Westmorland] You wish me health in very happy season, / For I am on the sudden something ill
AC I.ii.83 [Cleopatra to Charmian, of Antony] on the sudden / A Roman thought hath struck him
Cor I.iv.52 [First Soldier to Lartius, of the Volsces] who upon the sudden / Clapped to their gates
H8 IV.ii.96 [Patience to Griffith, of Katherine] Do you note / How much her grace is altered on the sudden?
RJ II.iii.46 [Romeo to Friar, of Juliet] on a sudden one hath wounded me / That's by me wounded
Tit I.i.396 [Marcus to Titus] How comes it that the subtle Queen of Goths / Is of a sudden thus advanced in Rome
TS I.i.144 [Tranio to Lucentio] is it possible / That love should of a sudden take such hold?