betide (v.) 1
happen (to), befall, come (to)
Cym IV.iii.40 [Pisanio alone] Neither know I / What is betid to Cloten
R2 III.ii.91 [Scroop to King Richard] More health and happiness betide my liege / Than can my care-tuned tongue deliver him
R3 I.ii.17 [Anne to dead Henry VI, of Richard] More direful hap betide that hated wretch
R3 I.iii.6 [Queen Elizabeth to Grey, of King Edward] If he were dead, what would betide on me?
R3 II.iv.71 [Archbishop to Queen Elizabeth] so betide to me / As well I tender you and all of yours!
Tem I.ii.31 [Prospero to Miranda] not so much perdition as an hair / Betid to any creature in the vessel
TG I.i.59 [Valentine to Proteus] let me hear ... what news else / Betideth here
TG IV.iii.40 [Eglamour to Silvia] Recking as little what betideth me