strange (adj.) 7
aloof, distant, reserved
JC I.ii.35 [Cassius to Brutus] You bear too stubborn and too strange a hand / Over your friend that loves you
MV I.i.67 [Bassanio to Salerio and Solanio] You grow exceeding strange
RJ II.ii.102 [Juliet to Romeo] I should have been more strange
Sonn 89.8 [] I will acquaintance strangle and look strange
TC II.iii.236 [Diomedes to all, of Ajax] [if he were] strange, or self-affected
TN II.v.164 [Malvolio to himself] I will be strange, stout, in yellow stockings and cross-gartered [or: singular]
TN V.i.209 [Sebastian to Olivia] You throw a strange regard upon me
TS I.i.85 [Hortensio to Baptista] will you be so strange?