stand (v.) 1
be, appear
2H4 I.iii.15 [Lord Bardolph to Hastings] The question ... standeth thus - / Whether our present five-and-twenty thousand / May hold up head without Northumberland
2H6 II.i.187 [Gloucester to Queen] for my wife I know not how it stands
AW II.i.112 [Helena to King] that malignant cause wherein the honour / Of my dear father's gift stands chief in power [i.e. the disease that my dear father's honoured gift is most able to deal with]
MV I.i.136 [Antonio to Bassanio, of Bassanio's intention] if it stand ... / Within the eye of honour
Oth I.iii.70 [Duke to Brabantio] though our proper son / Stood in your action [i.e. were accused]
RJ III.iii.166 [Friar to Romeo, before telling him his options] here stands all your state
TS I.ii.52 [Petruchio to Hortensio, of his news] in a few ... thus it stands with me