sue (v.) 1
beg, plead, beseech
3H6 III.ii.61 [Edward to Lady Grey] What love, thinkest thou, I sue so much to get?
AC I.iii.33 [Cleopatra to Antony] When you sued staying, / Then was the time for words [i.e. begged to stay]
AW II.i.62 [King to Lafew] I'll sue thee to stand up
KL I.i.29 [Kent to Edmund] I must love you and sue to know you better
LLL V.ii.427 [Rosaline to Berowne] how can this be true, / That you stand forfeit, being those that sue?
MW II.ii.160 [Ford as Brook to Falstaff, of desiring his acquaintance] I sue for yours
R3 IV.iv.94 [Queen Margaret to Queen Elizabeth] Who sues and kneels and says, 'God save the Queen'?
Tim III.v.95 [Alcibiades to Senators] To sue and be denied such common grace