shape (n.) 1
appearance, aspect, visible form
AW I.i.60 [Countess to Bertram] succeed thy father / In manners as in shape!
Ham I.ii.82 [Hamlet to Gertrude] all forms, moods, shapes of grief [Q3; Q2 chapes; F shewes]
Ham I.iv.43 [Hamlet to Ghost] Thou comest in such a questionable shape
LLL V.ii.288 [Boyet to ladies, of the King and his friends] Immediately they will again be here / In their own shapes
MA III.i.55 [Hero to Ursula, of Beatrice] She cannot love, / Nor take no shape nor project of affection
TC I.iii.385 [Ulysses to Nestor] Our project's life this shape of sense assumes: / Ajax employed plucks down Achilles' plumes
TG V.iv.110 [Julia to Proteus] It is the lesser blot ... / Women to change their shapes than men their minds
TN I.v.251 [Olivia to Viola as Cesario, of Orsino] [he is] in dimension and the shape of nature / A gracious person