state (n.) 6
kingship, majesty, sovereignty
2H4 V.ii.132 [King Henry V to his brothers, of his temperament] it shall mingle with the state of floods, / And flow henceforth in formal majesty
2H4 V.ii.99 [Lord Chief Justice to King Henry V] as you are a king, speak in your state / What I have done that misbecame my place
3H6 III.ii.93 [Edward to Lady Grey] by my state I swear to thee
3H6 IV.iii.47 [Edward to Warwick] Though Fortune's malice overthrow my state
3H6 V.iv.77 [Queen to her followers] your sovereign, / Is prisoner to the foe; his state usurped
H5 I.ii.274 [King Henry to Ambassador] tell the Dauphin I will keep my state
H8 II.iv.228 [King Henry to all, of Queen Katherine] we are contented / To wear our mortal state to come with her
KJ II.i.97 [King Philip to King John, of Arthur] thou hast ... / Outfaced infant state
KJ IV.iii.147 [Bastard to Hubert] England now is left / To tug and scamble and to part by th'teeth / The unowed interest of proud-swelling state
KJ V.vii.102 [Bastard to Prince Henry] may your sweet self put on / The lineal state and glory of the land!
KL I.i.149 [Kent to Lear] Reserve thy state [F; Q reuerse thy doome]